time is the universal ruler, solitary traveler
who can control or influence him anyway
sun and moon seem to divide the day 
only in the onset of spring 
they succeed to make it half
nature seems to have succeeded 
in being one with time, showing us the way
lead the way it’s natural to you
be one with time, make life remarkable 


why wait for the vehicle that doesn’t come
Why wait for the call that doesn’t come
why wait for the time that doesn’t come
is waiting part of our natural order 
or an excuse for wasting what we have
there’s only evolution with time 
and no voids to fill or states to add
why waste your time waiting forever 


life is built on the basis of time 
the one that holds the key to being
being on time and timing it well 
makes us being and living it well 
ignoring time and squandering it around
Is ignoring to lead a life in tandem 


why blame it on time every time 
what’s in his hand anytime 
he’s a universal measure every time 
you measure yourself all the time
lack of change or too much of it anytime
is just the way you measure it in time 
time has nothing in it to change anytime