True love

silence in need of the hour is a lie
words just for the sake of it can’t be true
silence can’t hide the spirit of truth
words can’t hide the false strength of a lie
being true to self keeps you free
being right to please keeps you in a shelf
do you like the trophy or be the trophy 


what you wear as a jewel
what you wear as a makeup
can they match your true smile
or the spark of your kind eyes
if you miss wearing a smile 
or the sound of your silence
what can the makeup and the jewels cover


does argument lead to a better life 
than acceptance of the state of life
argument has a mistake to cover
creates flutter and friendships sour
acceptance requires heart that’s clear
builds bridges and quenches the fire
admitting the mistake when you are wrong
keeping quiet when you are right 
may be the mantra you should chant