Middle path

what’s the fun emptying without filling up 
what’s the fun in end without living it full
how can you shrink it without expanding 
how can you fall from it without climbing
to break something, just take it to extreme
to keep it alive forever, take a middle path
is that why nature keeps renewing forever 


we have a chance to write our own script 
make our own mark by leading our own life
is copying someone, a shortcut to life
or shortening our own chance at life
how long can a fake boat hold in real ocean of life


Small sparks we ignore in the path of life
may have the power of changing the course of life
how do we know what is in store
unless we give it a try before it’s too late


Getting soaked in the rain of life
using it to shake the dust and shine well
like a lotus blooming through the dews 
letting our deeper thoughts touched
through the coldness of nature 
brings the warmth for us and nature


achievers in the world win themselves first
before conquering the world they like to own
not having a limb, or even an eye to see
won’t stop them charting path of their own 
aspiration to be and courage to do 
seems to ignite the confidence to drive


Birth and death in this lovely world 
follows its own path and no one rule
you have no choice and no one rule
the way we live and the mark we leave
is based on our own path and own rule
we have all the choice and no one rule 


habit of hoarding this and that
in the fear of needing it sometime 
in the guise of using everything in its full
in the mood of keeping everything for self
we end up losing precious time and will
ignoring the sword of love for things
and those using it as a net for you
is the way to stay in the path of own