be it a desire to be someone 
be it a need to meet someone 
be it an aspiration to reach somewhere
all starts at home, in mind, on her lap
no matter what you become
no matter what you achieve or save
no matter where and how far you go
all should return home, to mind, to her lap
is this the natural flow, the circle of life
being good, doing well, making her proud
is the only choice to make it count


healing is a process, a very long one
as long as it takes to cure the wound
or consume itself in the process
like a forest fire or a tsunami 
they will all end in one way or the other
but leave a scar behind to remind 
the price we pay for the change we seek
but change is a need for path forward 
be aware, be sensitive, but be at it


a tree stands still and tall
be it rain, spring or snowfall
let there be sun, moon or stars in the sky
let there be flowers, birds or fruits in the branch
a tree weathers all and bears all
till there’s undying spirit inside 
it relies on none, feeds everyone 
Is self reliance the route for everyone 

Mother earth

We take everything for granted 
with what we get and lay hands on
she doesn’t hold, not even stop
giving is her deed and why she’s here
that’s what we believe and not even bother
being grateful and adding to her grace
is what we can do in every breath here


why we treat this world as binary
presence and absence defining the world
long and short measuring themselves 
ups and downs depending on each other 
good and bad covering everyone 
before and after following each other 
is that why she differentiates none
is that why treats everyone, takes none
is that why she’s here longer than everyone 
Mother Nature the only inclusive one


did we adopt the opposite of nature
nature of nurturing all independent 
nature of making all self-sufficient 
nature of celebrating all the time 
to a tribe of our own, script of our own
a restricted life of our own…


every bit of life in this world is busy
living its own circle of life, adding back life
in every step and make itself the nature
are we the only ones so busy in this world 
adding lifeless things to it and forgetting 
we are here to live well and leave gracefully 


taking all though we need a little is our nature 
giving all though she needs nothing is her nature
give and take is our nature of lifestyle here
what are we giving back to care our Mother Nature
She fills every bit with love and care for us to cherish 
isn’t that we are in her debt for this life and beyond