power of nature and will power of men
when in harmony, create magic
greed of men and law of nature
on collision course, create destruction 
we make a rule to obey the law of land
why can’t we follow the law of nature
isn’t a natural flow pleasing and fulfilling 


idol worship, ideal follower-ship
nature worship, ideology fellowship 
all these are a means to see and then feel 
form own idols or ideology within 
the guiding force for the journey ahead
if your desire is to be free and natural
no need to worship or be worshipped
you need no god, no guru or guide 
open your heart, listen to it and travel well


an act out of your control
an interplay of forces in action
results in a disaster, changes lives forever 
disaster is natural, a way of life’s matter
quakes, eruptions, or tsunamis 
are here to pass, so are we forever 
remaining as ash or turning into phoenix
is a choice for all those who love living


moon’s reflection on water 
requires the pond to settle
what did he do to see him there
what did pond do to settle herself
isn’t it a natural order that brings harmony
but mind isn’t a water in the pond
it’s more of a mercury that jumps naturally 
is that why it needs control to settle 
reflecting is a way to see ourselves clearly 


who owes who in this circle of life
the one who brought you here or you
or the one who’s always here for you
one who desires has his duty to care
the one who is here as duty, feels free
like a tree or the wind or the river for sure


we love the beauty of nature as is
we chase the dreams of being with nature
why being natural is not our nature
is that why we are not yet part of nature