Mother earth

We take everything for granted 
with what we get and lay hands on
she doesn’t hold, not even stop
giving is her deed and why she’s here
that’s what we believe and not even bother
being grateful and adding to her grace
is what we can do in every breath here


why we treat this world as binary
presence and absence defining the world
long and short measuring themselves 
ups and downs depending on each other 
good and bad covering everyone 
before and after following each other 
is that why she differentiates none
is that why treats everyone, takes none
is that why she’s here longer than everyone 
Mother Nature the only inclusive one


is mother a title or a permanent position 
or a symbol of anything permanent 
in this temporary world 
a fountain of life that fuels lives around 
a reason for living this life in full
salute you with all the love you filled
on the day that belongs only to you 
and everyday you made it belong to me