Middle path

what’s the fun emptying without filling up 
what’s the fun in end without living it full
how can you shrink it without expanding 
how can you fall from it without climbing
to break something, just take it to extreme
to keep it alive forever, take a middle path
is that why nature keeps renewing forever 


everything takes its time to blossom
knowing what to do and how to be patient
is the trick only a few master well
what grows within shows up outside as well
knowing how to read and protect in time
is the trick only a few master well
unless you bring yourself to the work
how will you learn and adapt very well
it’s your chance to meet yourself someday


the path to reach higher ground
is tough and filled with all the risk
when you reach the peak and look beyond
all you see is the void below 
and the echo of your own voice
how long can you live in clouds 
the void below looks so deep 
but a valley filled with life, love and colour 
a place for every living being and beyond
you can live all along and the way you like
do you have to go up and see the void
to know what you have in hand all along


being alone for a purpose 
and not feeling lonely in the process 
is a chosen way of life for a few
when you are free from all bonds
you can bond well with all others
when you are glued to your roots
you can only pretend to be free
migrating birds make a living 
with no roots in anywhere they go
though they hunt alone, they are a flock
nothing wrong in being alone in the crowd 
be free and proud to belong in the crowd 


though you walk the same path with same goal
your experience is yours alone, so is the fruit
Joining hands and working with someone 
for the purpose of building or the walk of life
your experience is yours alone, so is what you get
without losing yourself but giving your best
is what makes the craft remarkable 
and the journey filled with joy and pride
life doesn’t need sacrifices, but timely contributions


be it a desire to be someone 
be it a need to meet someone 
be it an aspiration to reach somewhere
all starts at home, in mind, on her lap
no matter what you become
no matter what you achieve or save
no matter where and how far you go
all should return home, to mind, to her lap
is this the natural flow, the circle of life
being good, doing well, making her proud
is the only choice to make it count


if you are asked how far you traveled
how further more you have to go
in the journey of life that you lead
what’s your answer, in what terms
if you like to travel to an unknown place
what preparation you make and how thorough
why not the same for the journey of life
is it because it’s just in your mind you travel
no clear goal, no necessary path 
life paves it’s way with you just in the mix
wake-up and check, is it a dream in real


Experiencing sorrow is part of life
it isn’t too hard to bear own suffering 
witnessing others suffer is the hardest 
helpless suffering of those we love
makes you crumble and suffer more
don’t languish there a bit and suffer more
help others you can and heal well
helping is the way out of helplessness 
each one helping one keeps it at bay 


what rules the world
a set of rules of a few
a set of values that guide a few
a belief that rules life, above all
a belief that binds love for all
we make the rule in the name of a few
we make it hard to follow for a few 
we make room for life filled with love
why worry about the rules unknown
why not live keeping being well known