in the game of life around
running around and fooling around 
some should stay and some should move 
to bring the balance and purpose around
if all the trees and hills moved around
where will you stay and live around


if law of nature rules this entire world
are we spoiling our chance at a wonderful life 
by overthinking and under-doing all the while
what if you just be and let everyone be
is that why we are called a being in here


we are here for decades and decades
do we just exist or live all these decades
caught between yesterday and tomorrow 
mind in one plane and body in another 
we exist for a long time to live for a few
is that what differentiates us from the rest
in this world that’s been living for centuries 


dreaming is natural to us
sometimes with eyes closed
sometimes with eyes wide open
if you can’t stop dreaming
dream to make it worth living
then work till you make it work


every bit of life in this world is busy
living its own circle of life, adding back life
in every step and make itself the nature
are we the only ones so busy in this world 
adding lifeless things to it and forgetting 
we are here to live well and leave gracefully 


What script can help anyone, anywhere
this journey of life is unique to everyone 
scriptures, teachers and well-wishers
can only teach us how to learn to live
living is a daily wrestle needing new tricks 
all the time, to everyone, everywhere 
is stopping to learn is stopping to live