what gets us going everyday 
what is the true spirit behind all our engines
where do we find it and how do we tap it
everyone has a great potential in them
but it’s the momentum that gets them going
as long as we keep moving 
engine works on rhythm of its own
focus on progress and it’s direction
to reach somewhere or being useful all ways


a tree gives shelter to everyone 
keeps in store all those got there
but if it makes them it’s own and grafts there
every stick birds brought 
and every seed squirrels stored 
what will happen to the tree and it’s life
like a tree do we have to learn to reject all
but keep and nurture what’s our true nature 
is that the path we need to take in life


the world is full of surprises and shocks
for those who keep eyes and ears open 
loner in the journey powered by the crowd 
loner in the journey powering the crowd 
this world stays here forever and beyond 
where’s everyone headed  
is it just an illusion fed by the crowd  
or created by the aimless movement of the crowd


map in hand and a compass at will
helps to take a journey to unknown 
no matter how accurate or not
ability to sense and to adapt well
helps us to stay on course to unknown 
life on earth spans millions of years
leaving a set of patterns to follow 
study the course, make your map
enjoy the journey with little mishap 


a drop of water in a stream of river
adds up to those who join the stream 
good bad or ugly all in the flow
some will clean, some will heal 
some will help nature live longer
whether they flow and join the ocean
or evaporate and join the clouds
they remain a drop and be useful 


when you join a tribe and be one
there’s no other way than to cooperate
to care for the tribe and be one with them
lead, follow or get out of the way
when to do what for the good of the tribe
is the perspective you have to build
even when you lead from the front 
let the tribe win and be happy together 

Balanced flow

those who root in the past, just grow roots
those who live purely today, moot all roots
those who dream only of tomorrow shoot 
isn’t life like a flowing river headed forward 
where’s the break, where’s the mark 
it’s just a balanced flow forward, always
being aware of past, keeping an eye on future 
balancing today with joy is the path of life


mud, the soft and sticky by nature
loses its softness as it sticks to a shape
hardens itself into the shape as it bakes
all it can take is a bit of colour and shine
shaping defines what it’ll turn out to be
the imagination of the potter and his skill
if you have the will, shape it well
let it be the masterpiece and stand tall