body is the external cover to hold us intact 
it can get hurt with or without your consent 
it can tire, age or lose vigour in time  
mind is internal fluid to keep you intact
no one can touch or hurt it without your consent
it can only evolve and shine well with time
keep it well to help you lead this life very well


all we experience is a flavor of reality 
subject to our own interpretation 
is there any sensation without interpretation 
we create what we believe 
we delete and ignore what we don’t feel
unless we stop interpretation
and expose ourselves fully well
where’s the experience of reality
is this the nothingness
the truth underlying everything 


life is spent with or without consent
time never waits for anyone’s consent 
what do we wait for to lead a good life
an opportune moment or a valid reason
isn’t life a celebration held for no reason
isn’t the daily grind a process of its renewal


what’s original in this world 
everything was here before
everyone was here before
every lesson was there before
I can always copy the script 
still the reading is mine alone
still the ride is mine alone 
my life is mine alone, the original 


no one man’s lifetime achievements 
are enough for the progress of mankind
discovering, sharing and continuously 
improving is essential to learn and mimic
everything nature has to offer for all lives
discover, experience, share and evolve
is that the secret mantra for life