life happens in moments 
but we still wait for that moment 
the one that’s more precious than the rest
throwing away the best already in the nest
and looking for it all over, again and again


when you are proud of what you did
the prize you won and the prestige
a slip is enough to slap you around 
only those who you cared and made proud 
might stand behind you and give a lift
all others distance you the second you fall


what we build, what we hoard gets old
what we use, what we share gets new
shedding cover, making room makes new
wrapping ever, masking cover gets old
is old something not useful enough
is new the renewed life for next use 
is that what nature tells us every day


why is this a haphazard race
why can’t this be with a little grace
isn’t it nice to slow down a bit
isn’t it right to admire a bit
the world has only one pace 
why fool ourselves with a haphazard pace
slow and steady always wins the race