nodding the head with eyes closed
hearing the voice with mouth shut
soaking the feeling with heart open
letting go the loss with mind open
changes the scene with all grace
makes you the person to trust
you may not know everything 
but the behaviour can cover anything 
be kind and graceful in deed 
everyone is fighting own battles indeed 


near and dear need you just to hear
no need for advice, not even a hand 
all they need is your time and kind heart
what’s the point of sharing without caring
all they want is their share and your care
keep your mouth shut and heart open
be a lotus in the pond full of dirt but serene 


kindness is the strength you loan
to help him recover from the pain
it is not a reminder of his weakness 
nor a cover for your pleasure 
being kind makes you bright 
letting your presence feel well 
lighting the path for him as well