though you walk the same path with same goal
your experience is yours alone, so is the fruit
Joining hands and working with someone 
for the purpose of building or the walk of life
your experience is yours alone, so is what you get
without losing yourself but giving your best
is what makes the craft remarkable 
and the journey filled with joy and pride
life doesn’t need sacrifices, but timely contributions


if you are asked how far you traveled
how further more you have to go
in the journey of life that you lead
what’s your answer, in what terms
if you like to travel to an unknown place
what preparation you make and how thorough
why not the same for the journey of life
is it because it’s just in your mind you travel
no clear goal, no necessary path 
life paves it’s way with you just in the mix
wake-up and check, is it a dream in real


trip to a holi place in a hurry
will it make you bury 
all those pains that worry
visiting your inner holi place daily
will it not make you ferry 
all those unwanted pains in a hurry


can you swim without getting into water 
can you walk a mile without taking a step
can you sing a song without making a sound 
being mindful and wilful is the way out
to live a life and enjoy the journey


it takes a while to get to know
what’s good for me in this life
starting from she said it so, 
he wants it so, she does it so, 
he guides it so to I need it so
staying true to self, to what’s on hand 
might accelerate this journey of life