what’s the fulfilling life
is it filling every corner of self or
being a wanderer in a crowd of unknown 
keeping quiet and staying unnoticed 
speaking only to those come seeking
giving away only that’s in your hand
living every moment with nothing to hold
staying no where and rooting no where
but being where it matters to be aware
what you hold is what fills you
what you free is what frees you 


devotion can move mountains 
so they say and make you feel
but you know that may not be real
if you clear all the curves you get a line 
if all points on a straight line flow well
don’t they all fold and meet at a point
is this act of getting everything in line
and letting it all dissolve into a single point 
the devotion, necessary for a fulfilling life


can a face hide what you carry inside
can a face shield what you take inside 
what’s inside will always show outside 
what’s outside will always get inside 
fulfilling life is what makes it nice both side 


how to know what all I can do in this life
without testing the limit of what I have
brainless living things can host wonders in nature
what magic can I do with it and mind in favour 
if I can’t make peace with what’s here
can I leave everything and live peacefully
living in full is the need for a fulfilling life