a kid scared of darkness can be helped 
what can you do with a grown man 
scared of light and glued to his state
life is a series of darkness and brightness
repeating themselves to help you live well
use the light to heal when you are in dark
use the darkness to store the energy 
for a better and long journey ahead
find a way, keep moving. Change is here. 


healing is a process, a very long one
as long as it takes to cure the wound
or consume itself in the process
like a forest fire or a tsunami 
they will all end in one way or the other
but leave a scar behind to remind 
the price we pay for the change we seek
but change is a need for path forward 
be aware, be sensitive, but be at it

Joy ride

doing the same thing again and again
might make you a master at doing 
but will it change the result of your making
unless you change, where’s the change
unless you free what you hold, 
where is your own freedom 
unless you enjoy the ride, 
where’s the fun at the end of the ride


we feel a need to change others
we need a change in all others
we know how hard to change self
we still need others to change for us
is this a paradox or the box we cage ourselves 


Isn’t change natural to life
why do we then resist change
Isn’t change making our life
why do we then oppose change
Isn’t change the truth of life
why do we then refuse change
embracing change as it comes
can it make life an enriching one