everything takes its time to blossom
knowing what to do and how to be patient
is the trick only a few master well
what grows within shows up outside as well
knowing how to read and protect in time
is the trick only a few master well
unless you bring yourself to the work
how will you learn and adapt very well
it’s your chance to meet yourself someday


why do we fight with the ones we love
is it the ego feeding on the love 
or is it the fight feeding that ego
stop the fight at once, there goes the ego
love blossoms well, when there’s no ego
take an oath of no fight 
life loves you the most 


Pushing your dreams as his goals
rushing his life for your wants
getting him everything you wanted to have
isn’t going to make his life
teach him to dream, feed him courage
let him find his way, be his light
guide him to lead a wonderful life
live, let others live on terms of their own
nothing blossoms without free will