rock you ignore on the way means nothing
rock you recognise as god means everything 
no matter what you say or do 
the value of the rock remains the same 
what changes is your opinion and not the rock
the importance you attach is what matters
right one to the right thing helps you as well


some long being alone
some feel lost when alone
some long being in crowd
some feel lonely in crowd
some want to be lost in crowd
some want to be lost within 
belonging to all but being alone
is better than being lonely all alone


idol worship, ideal follower-ship
nature worship, ideology fellowship 
all these are a means to see and then feel 
form own idols or ideology within 
the guiding force for the journey ahead
if your desire is to be free and natural
no need to worship or be worshipped
you need no god, no guru or guide 
open your heart, listen to it and travel well


if life is a marketplace 
what are you selling or buying
are you the one being sold or bought
some like your words, a few your silence 
some your looks, a few your worth
some your heart, a few your wit
who likes you full, may not be even you
but you are a package, like everything here
be the full you, being useful like everything here


who owes who in this circle of life
the one who brought you here or you
or the one who’s always here for you
one who desires has his duty to care
the one who is here as duty, feels free
like a tree or the wind or the river for sure

Goal Oriented

why is goal such a driver in life
why should it be like someone else 
mimicking other’s success as your goal
drives you a bit but tires you a lot
can’t you live well without any goal
like a bird or a river or a tree in the front
isn’t being more beautiful than becoming


if law of nature rules this entire world
are we spoiling our chance at a wonderful life 
by overthinking and under-doing all the while
what if you just be and let everyone be
is that why we are called a being in here


what’s absolute in this world
beyond boundaries of birth and death
it’s my life and my path around
not the same as everyone around
value of my life is mine alone
not the same as everyone around
we are here to be, not to become someone


is mind and it’s power differentiate 
human beings from every other being
is it like a big banyan tree 
with roots spread all over 
and staying more or less forever


a place between night and day
a shade between dark and bright
a time between sleep and waking 
do you live there boundless and mindless
do you take that spirit of life to daily life
what’s wrong in building a castle in air
as long as you remain grounded in time