a drop of water in a stream of river
adds up to those who join the stream 
good bad or ugly all in the flow
some will clean, some will heal 
some will help nature live longer
whether they flow and join the ocean
or evaporate and join the clouds
they remain a drop and be useful 


there are those of us 
earn a lot, hoard a lot
earn a little, share a lot
earn enough to share every bit
is it just a choice or the way of life
isn’t being useful is it’s way 
have we read its script this way 


what’s essential to keep us safe
what’s needed to ride well in life 
how can it become a symbol of pride
like a slipper that’s essential for all 
value of a thing isn’t the price you pay
value of being isn’t the time we stay
is it how useful it is and we have been


A friendly beating from
father, mother or teacher
Is not to hurt you
But to wake you up 
So that you don’t get hurt
If you don’t turn being graceful
over years of beating and nurturing 
you remain useless and ungrateful 
for everything the world has given you