holding hands and showing paths
parents and teachers bring us balance
counsel of ministers and scriptures
bring balance to the life of kings
without a parent for a parent
without a guru for the guru
where’s balance in the world 
experience is the ultimate guru
without travelling and learning from life
where’s experience, where’s balance


why we work all the time 
is it to fill a pot without a bottom 
or to raise a platform to fall from a height 
or to make something remarkable 
working to make it work is fine 
but no point in getting lost in work
there’s more to life than just work 
work on life and make it remarkable 


living in extremes or leaving extremes
path we choose to fulfil our dreams
will you give up and accept what you get
will you pursue till you get what you want 
defines what you have become in being
a wise man or a passionate achiever
one reaps the benefit other pays the price


Flying a kite and keeping it in balance
requires a bridle and a tail to guide 
right size of the tail keeps it right
so is the tail of animals in the world 
though we have shed a visible tail
being dragged by invisible tail of past
keeps us from being balanced and fly high
balancing load of the past moves us fast