those living on land know nothing of sea
unless you surrender there’s no survival 
where’s the float, where’s any direction 
unless you become one with the water
to navigate in the ocean is to learn to live
as long as there’s breath and will to be
own your float, surrender the fear to live
wherever you go, you remain here forever 

Middle path

what’s the fun emptying without filling up 
what’s the fun in end without living it full
how can you shrink it without expanding 
how can you fall from it without climbing
to break something, just take it to extreme
to keep it alive forever, take a middle path
is that why nature keeps renewing forever 


time is the universal ruler, solitary traveler
who can control or influence him anyway
sun and moon seem to divide the day 
only in the onset of spring 
they succeed to make it half
nature seems to have succeeded 
in being one with time, showing us the way
lead the way it’s natural to you
be one with time, make life remarkable 


is fate an excuse, an act of unknown 
unintended consequence of past actions 
results from unaware chain reactions
if it works in our favor we call it luck
if it works against do we call it fate
in everything we get is there something 
we set in motion without being aware


body is the external cover to hold us intact 
it can get hurt with or without your consent 
it can tire, age or lose vigour in time  
mind is internal fluid to keep you intact
no one can touch or hurt it without your consent
it can only evolve and shine well with time
keep it well to help you lead this life very well


obstacles on the path ahead 
detours in the chosen path ahead
are common for everyone in every route
finding a round about route ahead
exploring the possibilities all around 
are fine as long as you wish to be there
else find a way to get back to your route
without being swayed away all around 
purposeful explorations are enriching 
distractions are wasteful exploitations


everything takes its time to blossom
knowing what to do and how to be patient
is the trick only a few master well
what grows within shows up outside as well
knowing how to read and protect in time
is the trick only a few master well
unless you bring yourself to the work
how will you learn and adapt very well
it’s your chance to meet yourself someday


the path to reach higher ground
is tough and filled with all the risk
when you reach the peak and look beyond
all you see is the void below 
and the echo of your own voice
how long can you live in clouds 
the void below looks so deep 
but a valley filled with life, love and colour 
a place for every living being and beyond
you can live all along and the way you like
do you have to go up and see the void
to know what you have in hand all along


entertainment is our way to wander
when tiered, bored or to wonder
is it our way to distance from reality
and fall prey to the illusion of possibilities 
is it our way to exaggerate pain or pleasure
and feed our mind with power of illusion 
isn’t it a better way to engage and deliver
hard truths of life in an appealing way
to entertain your interests and goal to be
than create diversion and lose the way